The New Junior Cycle Music Course


The new Junior Cycle Music Course presents an exciting opportunity for realisation through Irish traditional music. The predominantly binary structures in the tunes and songs, being created by the people for the people, offers a wealth of entry level material that is already imbued with cultural context and richness. Moreover, variation is at the heart of this tradition so the task of ideating and improvising can be learned through the existing practices within the tradition.

Martin’s doctoral thesis (2013) is based on translating these practices into language so that they can be understood and communicated more easily. He is currently working on materials that will demonstrate how the richness and complexity of Irish traditional music can be harnessed to fulfil the exciting challenges and learning opportunities of the new course.

A creative workshop is also likely to be in the offing. Based upon previous composition workshops with young groups, that has resulted in an album recorded by Music Generation Laois (Visions & Voices) and separately, a performance at the International Harp Festival at Termonfeckin that translated Turlough O’Carolan’s life into three distinct tunes, Martin wants to show how even a little procedural knowledge can result in beautiful compositions.

As this is in development, do get in touch for further details.



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